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Considerations in planning for your retaining wall & things to advise your contractor

Prior to having your contractor commence your project, here are some of the things your will need to consider and plan for:

  • Where is the wall going?

  • Do you have shire approval?

  • Do you have engineered drawings to suit your site? If not, we can help!

  • What type of retaining system is best suited?

  • height and length?

  • Will there be a structure or fence going on top of the wall or nearby?

  • Is there clear access to get machinery to the required area on site?

  • Is it a rocky or difficult site or are there any obstructions or challenges?

  • Any asbestos on site?

  • Do you know where all your services (gas, electrical, water) are located & do you have a diagram?

  • Is water & power available for use?

  • Allocate a spot to place/store materials on site

  • Will traffic control be needed (often needed for tight sights and/or on busy roads)

  • Which of these considerations (or anything else) can we help you organize?


All Retaining Systems has a perfect occupational health and safety record and regards safety as a core value of its business. To ensure that your project is always done safely and to a high standard, we always follow the following precautions and proper planning procedures:

  • Comprehensive site meeting prior to commencement of work

  • Full site walk through & inspect for any hazards or potential risks

  • Full inspection of machinery

  • Marking of location of all services and where excavation can occur safely

  • Full briefing of all people on site including the client and any other contractors whose project runs concurrently.

So how can a retaining wall benefit your lifestyle?

Retaining walls are usually installed to serve a utilitarian purpose of holding back soil in situations where there are varying levels on your site. They can, however be used to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and give a purpose to wasted spaces that currently have no value.

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